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Qlik Sense for

Qlik Sense, the superior data analytics platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Qlik Data Analytics Solutions

Introducing Qlik Sense, the premier data analytics platform that powers Catalyst-BI and our data analytics services. When it comes to transforming your analytics vision into reality, only Qlik data analytics software will do.

But why choose Qlik’s data analytics platform?

Superior Analytics Engine World leading associative analytics engine  
Powerful AI Leverages impactful and easy-to-implement AI  
Active Analytics Pushes actionable information to your colleagues in real-time  
Hybrid Cloud Platform Has all the benefits of SaaS, along with the security and control of on-premises  
Broad Use Cases

Empowers your entire organisation with data


Qlik Sense & Its Superior Analytics Engine

The days of query-based analytics are behind us. No other analytics package uses Qlik's unique associative engine. It is lightning-fast and capable of work with enormous datasets. Best of all, it lets users have a conversation with their data.

Qlik Data Analytics Solutions, Powered By AI

Qlik's AI integration, Insight Adviser, provides out-of-the-box  AI support for users and developers. Whether providing broader context around the data, assisting with data prep, or enabling end users to interact with natural language, Qlik harnesses AI to make things easier with zero complexity.

Qlik doesn't try and replace human decision-making but seeks to enhance the value of analytics whatever the skill of the end user - whether a business user, analyst or data scientist.

AI that benefits your whole team

Qlik Sense covers the entire range of AI and ML skills and provides value at every level.

Your business users can take advantage of the AI functions of Insight Advisor to help them identify trends in the data. Your dev team can utilise Qlik AutoML to utilise ML without having to have AI expertise. Finally, if you have data science capabilities, Qlik is unmatched in its ability to connect to custom apps or data science platforms.

Robot Insight Advisor Auto-generates insight and analysis based on your data. Help your business users get insight into their data with AI powered conversational analytics.  
AI-2 Automated Machine Learning Qlik AutoML lets your teams easily generate and test machine learning models to help answer those questions that are simply not possible with traditional human analysis.   
Integrate-1 Advanced analytics integration Empower your data scientists with Qlik's real-time integrations connecting to custom apps in R, Python and third party data science platforms.  

Proactive Data Analytics Using Qlik

It is not enough anymore for users to have to go seek answers. A modern analytics solution needs to bring the answers to them. Qlik lets this happen in any way you can imagine. Fully embedded analytics, push notifications to any device and real-time analytics pipelines are just some of the ways to create action-orientated analytics.

Stop making your users visit a separate portal to find what they need. Give them answers during their existing workflow, as and when they need them.

  • Centralised Alerting
  • Self-Service Alerting
  • Active Intelligence

Centralised Alerting

Set organisational, departmental or individual alerts straight to any device easily. Make your data work for your users, informing their decision making without them ever having to think about analytics. 




Self-Service Alerting

Let your users empower themselves by setting active alerts that warn them when the thing they most care about happens, as it happens.




Active Intelligence

Moving on from traditional BI to active intelligence. Real-time information gives your users information that fits into the way they work and make decisions.




Qlik Data Analytics Hybrid Cloud Platform

Qlik Sense gives you full control of your data and how you deploy your analytics. With any combination of on-premises, public or private clouds, you can be confident you are optimising cost effectiveness, security, and governance to your exact requirements.

All The Advantages of Software As A Service, All The Control Of On-Premises Data Analytics

Qlik gives you full control of your data,  supporting any combination of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises sites.

Balance  your priority of cost, convenience, security and governance your way.

cloud Multi-Cloud Data Catalog data in real time from anything from cloud object stores, streaming services to data warehouses and data lakes.  
auto Automation

The Qlik platform removes a lot of the resource intensive tasks of creating an end-to-end data pipeline. 


Centralised governance and data lineage makes it easier to demonstrate governance compliance as well as monitor user adoption, data security and system reliability.


Broad Use Cases

Qlik Sense sets the benchmark for a new generation of analytics. With its one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI, and scalable multi-cloud architecture, you can empower everyone in your organisation to make better decisions on a daily basis, turning your business into a successfully data-driven enterprise.

Qlik Sense enables all users to freely search and explore to uncover insights they wouldn’t find with query-based BI tools. This makes Qlik truly accessible to all, from executives to analysts to decision-makers, within any company.

Have a look at some of the various industries and sectors that have benefitted from our leading Qlik data analytics solutions. 

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.
“Our Catalyst BI solution has enabled our business to be more proactive and self-sufficient in its analysis.”
"It is very much about being aware of individuals who need the right resources, at the right place, and at the right time. That’s what Qlik Sense enables us to do, send in targeted resources. Analytics are now helping to inform right across the local authority and out to our partners, enabling us to respond to adolescents who are at risk within Hillingdon"
Catalyst have been a critical partner to Travis Perkins in their journey to revolutionise the way we leverage data to drive our business." 
A Developing Data Analytics Platform

Meeting The Demands Of The Future With Qlik

With more data and more demands from users across organisations, analytics solutions need to do more and more. Qlik Sense is continually improving to meet those demands. Read the latest developments here.


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