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Data Science Services & Consulting At Catalyst BI

Trust our data scientists' skillsets and abilities to deliver insights into complex data and provide actionable data science solutions. 

Data Science Solutions Delivering Scalable Augmented Intelligence

With companies increasingly relying on data more now than ever before, there has been a mounting need for organisations to be able to draw actionable insights from raw data for business intelligence and decision-making during digital transformation.

It is here that data engineering comes into play. Data science is the process of extracting meaningful information from raw data for business purposes. This new digestible information has the potential to enhance decision-making, strategic planning, and other aspects of a business.

As expert data science consultants, Catalyst-BI has a proven track record of steering organisations to increase their operational efficiency, identify new business opportunities and improve their marketing and sales techniques. 

Becoming An AI-Driven Enterprise

Data science technologies play a critical role in improving organisational performance and strategic planning because of its central position in most business operations. In order to ensure that an organisation operates at its peak capacity, data science needs to be effectively implemented and applied to a wide range of business functions. 

As well as within traditional business operations, there are many other sectors that data science consultants play a crucial role in:

Healthcare Where it can be used in medical diagnosis, image analysis, treatment planning and medical research   
Academic Institutes To monitor student performance and improve marketing to prospective students  

Where it can help monitor student performance and plan game strategies

Governments Where it can be used to inform policy decision making  

Catalyst-BI & The Benefits Of Our Data Science Services

Catalyst-Bi is a leading data science consultant in the UK. Our years of expertise and experience, along with advanced machine intelligence technologies have been proven to provide data science solutions that speak directly to the results of your data analysis.

We do this by bringing together different data sets that look at buying behaviour, consumer sentiment, time series data, and demographic information. Then with AI and machine learning, you can benefit from endless testing scenarios at speed and these can identify the best data science solution for your business. We can then deploy these trusted solutions across your organisation seamlessly.

Choose Catalyst BI for your data science consultancy and experience the full potential of human and machine learning:

Receive Data Ready Receive data that is ready for machine learning from your diverse datasets
Receive Data Gain valuable business insights and predictions from automated machine-learning models  
AI-Driven Forecasts Obtain AI-driven forecasts at scale via automated time series models
Data Science Notebook Tooling Receive data science notebook tooling required for your business analysts  
Experience Production AI Management Experience production AI management from a Machine Learning Operations Centre of Excellence  

Our Data Science Implementing Process

As data scientists, we employ techniques from data interference, algorithm development, and technology to identify patterns in collected data, and the results of this allow companies to become truly data-driven enterprises to reach their maximum operational potential.

Here are seven steps Catalyst-BI take to successfully implement data science

600783_alert_circle_exclamation mark_warning_attention_icon Define Problem Statement  
3807434_collection_data_pool_stack_supply_icon Data Collection  
8406699_cleaning_database_server_bigdata_storage_icon Data Cleaning  
1894857_development_exploration_knowledge_learn_professional_icon Data Exploration & Analysis  
4047370_biographical_business_data_database_driven_icon Data Modelling  
7976271_chart_data_tick_validation_icon Data Validation  
4000188_deployment_development_launch_software_startup_icon Deployment & Optimisation  

Our Data Science Consultancy Partner - DataRobot

Catalyst-BI are proud to have an exclusive UK-based partnership with DataRobot, the trailblazing cloud-based AI platform, taking the UK by storm. With DataRobot, businesses can harness the potential of cutting-edge machine learning technology, empowering their teams to make data-driven decisions. As a result, clients can transform their enterprises into AI-driven powerhouses and experience remarkable success.

Discover the end-to-end capabilities of the DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform and discover how its dashboards can be used to automate time-consuming and repetitive data science tasks. 

Supporting Some of the World's Most Innovative Companies With Data Science Training

We’re data specialists here at Catalyst BI and we strive to bring people and data together. As part of our data science consulting services, we’ve been helping organisations to discover meaningful insights within their data for years. Then support them with successful implementation in order to drive their business forward.

Since 2014, we’ve supported over 450 teams and organisations across the public and private sectors in the UK in making smart, data-driven decisions by translating data into meaningful and actionable insight.

Our experts are ready to support you to achieve your business objectives using our data science consultancy services.

From the start, we view the data science process as a partnership. This means that from our first meeting, we will work closely with you to understand your goals, challenges, organisation and teams.

As it’s our aim to get you to the next level of your data and analytics strategy, we focus on developing long-term relationships with a business in order to maximise its strategy.

Providing Ongoing Support Throughout The Data Science Process

Our accredited data science consulting team at Catalyst BI are here to provide a supportive service during your data science project. From helping with the initial set-up to getting you up and running quickly, we’ll be on hand every step of the way. With our Education and Adaptive Consultancy services, we can ensure you maximise performance and realise value within your business.
We adopt a collaborative approach to data science consulting here at Catalyst. We’ll provide continued support and maintain open lines of communication at all times should you need us.

Claim your Free Ideation Workshop

In our Ideation Workshop, we’ll take a closer look at your data and challenges. Based on the analysis carried out by our Data Scientists, we will work with you to develop the first possible use cases that will quickly create added value.

Data Science FAQs

How does data science consultancy improve a business' ROI?

A data science consultancy can improve a business's ROI in several ways:

  • Improved decision-making: Data science can help businesses make informed decisions based on data insights, leading to improved ROI.
  • Increased efficiency: Data science can help businesses automate processes, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.
  • New revenue streams: Data science can help businesses identify new business opportunities and increase revenue.
  • Customer insights: Data science can help businesses understand customer behaviour and preferences, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.
  • Cost savings: Data science can help businesses optimize operations and reduce costs, improving their bottom line.
  • Competitive advantage: Data science can provide businesses with a competitive advantage by giving them unique insights and allowing them to make better decisions.
What technologies does Catalyst use for its data science services? Catalyst uses DataRobot. A data science and machine learning platform with AI capabilities, DataRobot automates tasks such as model selection and deployment, model monitoring, and feature engineering.
What is data science? Using data science approaches and methods to solve business problems and make data-driven decisions is what data science in business is about. By analyzing data, you can understand customer behaviour, optimize operations, identify new business opportunities, and improve decision-making. It is the goal of data science in business to make data actionable by turning it into actionable insights.