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Catalyst-BI Cloud Hosting Services

Unlock the power of the cloud and take control of your digital transformation journey with our dynamic and secure cloud hosting services and solutions. Enjoy seamless access to cutting-edge technologies and elevate your business to new heights, all while staying secure and protected in the cloud.

Fully Managed Hosting Solution

What is Catalyst Cloud Hosting?

Catalyst-BI is proud to offer our customers fully managed cloud hosting solutions. Utilising the technologically superior Microsoft Azure Cloud platform we can provide bespoke cloud-based services. These include a fully hosted, secure and serviced environment for Coeus, Snowflake, Qlik extensions, DataRobot, Command Centre, Qlik Sense or QlikView Business Intelligence to elevate your business far above the competition.

When you choose Catalyst-BI cloud hosting consulting services you can choose from a simple hosted, clustered, or multi-product environment to match your ever-changing organisational needs. Encompass the entire Qlik product catalogue, including Nprinting, Alerting, Mobile, Geoanalytics, and insight bot when you choose cloud hosting solutions from Catalyst-BI!

Enhance Your Cloud Transformation With Us!

Why Choose Catalyst BI For Your Cloud Hosting Needs

Our Catalyst Cloud Hosting platform leverages Mircosoft Azure Cloud technology to provide our customers with a wide range of benefits, from flexibility, custom solutions, high availability, VPN Tunneling, Port Security, Jumpboxes, Network/load balancers, and UK or European-based data centres. As well as;
Zero Capex

Make financial prediction simpler with a fixed monthly cost. Cloud hosting eliminates the need for hefty upfront investment in hardware and software


Cloud computing facilitates an elastic business model, delivering the right amount of IT resources for each stage of your business’ growth


Catalyst Cloud Hosting is built on cutting-edge, enterprise-grade technology to guarantee outstanding performance


Quick deployment of resources means you waste less time on setting up new applications and can spend more time on developing your enterprise


Know you're in safe hands with a secure environment to safeguarded data with a proven track record


From audits and reviews through to full design and provisioning of your Azure Cloud environment and services. We can help start or optimise your journey to Cloud


How Catalysts UK Cloud Hosting Service Has Helped Across Organisational Sectors

As a leading provider of cloud hosting solutions, Catalyst-BI has successfully implemented our services across a diverse range of industries, including Healthcare, Retail, Legal, Local Government, Manufacturing, and Merchants. Our cloud solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve data security, and promote agility while reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Local Governments
  • Manufacturing
  • Merchants


With Catalyst-BI's cloud hosting solutions, healthcare providers can securely store and manage sensitive patient data, while also promoting collaboration between medical practitioners and improving patient outcomes.


Streamline supply chain operations, allow retailers to provide a seamless shopping experience across various platforms when you choose our cloud hosting services.


Our expert cloud hosting facilitates secure data sharing and remote collaboration between legal teams while ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Local Governments

Local government agencies can utilise our cloud hosting services to streamline processes, improve citizen engagement, and increase efficiency through the use of digital technologies.


Our cloud hosting solutions optimise production processes, improves supply chain management, and reduces costs while increasing efficiency.


Cloud services for merchants provide a secure and scalable platform for processing payments and managing e-commerce operations, all while delivering an excellent customer experience.

Cloud Hosting FAQs

What is cloud hosting, and how does it work? Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses multiple servers to host websites and web applications. In cloud hosting, these servers are connected to form a network, and resources can be allocated and shared among them dynamically as needed. This allows cloud hosting to provide more reliability, scalability, and flexibility than traditional hosting solutions. Cloud hosting is typically offered as a service, with customers paying for the resources they use, such as storage, bandwidth, and computing power.
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