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Harness the power of incremental improvement

Operate leaner, cut waste, boost efficiency and improve your bottom line

Our Production Solutions, built using advanced analytics from Qlik, are totally customisable and provide you with instant information straight to your desktop, tablet, or smart phone. This gives you live insight into production efficiency, planning and profitability.

These interactive dashboards give manufacturers the information they need to know exactly how much it costs to make the goods you produce and sell. This eliminates the constant erosion of margins brought about by exchange rate fluctuations, raw material price increases, poor production line management, plant maintenance and purchasing policies – all of which have a detrimental impact upon your production line profitability.


Why Do Manufacturers Need Data Analytics?

  • Increase production efficiency
  • Improve workforce planning
  • To provide a total, accurate and true view of production costs
  • Effectively calculate the impact of currency, raw material and shipping fluctuations
  • Enhance supply chain efficiency
  • Have better visibility of planned maintenance 


Overview of how Volvo are driving excellent customer experience with Qlik


Giving your colleagues better access to information enables better decision making across the organisation. These are just some of the examples where we are empowering teams to perform better by utilising their data.

auto Process Harness real-time monitoring of production line factors to optimise process, get early warning of issues and improve safety.  
sales Sales Have a clear view on improve customer experiences and drive increased lifetime value.  
supply chain Supply Chain Our supply chain dashboards help to minimise any gaps in availability by enabling access to multiple data sets around stock by location, stores and product ranges.  
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