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Mike CawthornMay 21, 2024 11:53:05 AM1 min read

Data Driven Digest May 2024

Welcome to Catalyst Data Driven Digest, the monthly newsletter from Catalyst BI that ...
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Richard BrownApr 16, 2024 1:56:39 PM3 min read

Snowflake Copilot: The Game-Changing Playmaker in Data Strategy

The Thrill of the Race As the season's climax approaches in the Premiership and ...
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Lee ConnorApr 10, 2024 9:27:48 AM3 min read

Navigating the Fairways of Data: Lessons from the Masters Golf Tournament for SAP Users

Precision in Play and Data As the Masters Golf Tournament approaches, showcasing the ...
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Ben JohnsonApr 5, 2024 9:27:26 AM4 min read

The Evolution of Data Science: Trends to Watch in 2024

The dynamic nature of data science has made it pivotal across industries. Data science is ...
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Brendan de BruynApr 4, 2024 11:05:41 AM7 min read

Business Intelligence And Data Analytics: Which Is Better?

Both business intelligence and data analytics are very popular data tools that are used ...
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Brendan de BruynMar 4, 2024 3:36:30 PM4 min read

Revolutionising Manufacturing Data Strategy: The Impact of Generative AI in 2024 and Beyond

In the race for a competitive edge, many manufacturing companies are exploring the ...
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Brendan de BruynJan 31, 2024 9:25:21 AM3 min read

The Benefits of Making Data-driven Decisions in Manufacturing

Data-driven manufacturing is an approach that relies on factual information and a set of ...
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Becky StablesDec 11, 2023 2:01:38 PM5 min read

Business Intelligence: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

The business intelligence market is enormous. In fact, as of 2023, the global business ...
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Becky StablesDec 11, 2023 1:25:19 PM5 min read

Advantages Of Business Intelligence For Retail Businesses

Business intelligence is extremely popular across a hugely vast number of different ...
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Becky StablesOct 5, 2023 8:23:35 AM2 min read

Athena Command Centre wins special recognition at DataIQ Awards 2023

Catalyst BI and NHS Tayside are delighted to announce that the revolutionary The Athena ...
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