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Assessment & Data Strategy Consultants

Integrate and scale your business intelligence and automation efforts with our data strategy consulting services.

Get simpler, more effective data strategies that will underpin your business goals and set the agenda for your IT delivery roadmap. Save time and energy by focusing only on the components that will match the usage and growth agenda of your organisation. Obtain a clear understanding of how to optimise your data with our expert team of data strategy consultants.

Catalyst Insights:

Data Strategy Consultants

Transform your business with our data strategy services

Become data-driven through modern data and cloud platforms. Get key insights from agile analytics. Transform your work culture into a data culture.

Data audits & health checks

Our deep-dive assessments will uncover and identify areas that require intervention, innovation or improvement.

Get empowered Extract real business value from reliable, trustworthy data on a secure platform.  
Bespoke service

Expert data strategy consulting that’s 100% tailored to your exact business requirements with seamless integration and management.

Grow your business Uncover opportunities for growth with actionable data strategy services that combine data science with data management.  
Modernise legacy systems

We’ll develop approaches to help you migrate and modernise your legacy data warehouses to the cloud.

Unlock new tools No more “drowning in data”. Implement new tools & methodologies for better data optimisation. Then maximise its value for the long-term.
Data Strategy Consultants

Become a data-driven organisation with Catalyst-Bi’s data strategy services

Let us help you transform the culture of your business. Our award-winning team has successfully delivered a range of data strategies to over 350 customers across a range of public and private sector organisations including Samsung, Travis Perkins, DAC Beachcroft, Onward Homes and multiple UK NHS Trusts.

During that time, we’ve found that businesses don’t have analytics problems, they have business problems that data analytics can address. We will help you to build the right structures and processes to convert your data into a strategic asset, allowing you to act decisively in problem-solving, notice and jump on new opportunities as they arise and — most importantly — grow and flourish. 

  • Strategic Vision Setting
  • Business Requirements Gathering
  • Data Strategy Definition
  • Target State Definition
  • Use-case Definition
  • Strategic Roadmap Definition
  • Implementation Planning and Management
  • Programme and Project Management
Rob Walden - Head if Analytics for Travis Perkins
Rob Walden - Head of Analytics & Qlik LuminaryTravis Perkins PLC
"Dan has been an absolute star with the app development, his engagement, speed, train of thought etc has been exceptional throughout."
Steve Sapseid Director of BME Solutions
Steve Sapseid - DirectorBME Solutions Ltd

"Our customer had been experiencing an issue, which is key to their usage of Qlik, for almost a year. No one could solve it.  Qlik tried, BME tried, the customer tried, but eventually once we had full access to their system, Simon uncovered the problem on Monday this week.

In addition to the above, Simon has assisted us with many technical support issues over the years.  Many of the issues don’t even directly relate to Qlik, but are around system security and permission settings."

Sam Green
Sam Green - iSupply ManagerTravis Perkins Plc
“They get to know you and how you understand and obtain your data, how you consume the data and your frequency of use.”
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