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Catalyst BI

At Catalyst BI, we challenge organisations to unlock insights, drive performance and create value by bringing people and data together.
Your Data Strategy

Bringing People and Data Together

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science

Together with our technology partners, data strategy consulting framework and your team support, onboarding and enablement, you receive unparalleled capabilities and expertise to drive your data strategy to the next level.





Accelerate your business performance by harnessing industry leading data management approaches. A well-executed data management strategy can help you gain significant advantage, both by improving operational effectiveness and enabling better decision-making. Become more agile, spot market trends and take advantage of new business opportunities more quickly.

  • Automate the creation of data warehouses and managed data lakes
  • Stream data with zero impact on source systems
  • Automate and ingest real-time data changes from any source system
  • Profile data and create governed catalogues optimised for analytics
  • Actively monitor data life-cycle and track lineage throughout



Improve the decision-making process in your organisation by making more effective data driven decisions. Ensure that you place data analytics in the hands of more employees by democratising the process of generating reports and analytics and make sense of the findings. With mobile, self-service, intelligent tools, alerting and automation organisations can gain complete insight into operations across all departments.

  • Provide self-service visualisation with fully interactive dashboards you can share and distribute
  • Interact via search and natural language processing conversational analytics
  • Immediately react to changes in your data with alerting, automation and event driven actions
  • Schedule and subscribe to reports and publish to Office and PDF
    Build once and deploy anywhere, built for mobile devices
  • Leverage APIs to fully customise or embed analytics at the point of decision
  • Write back to source systems directly from operational analytics applications



Experience the full potential of human and machine intelligence, by bringing together different data sets that look at buying behaviour, consumer sentiment, time series data and demographic information. Your organisation can identify new customer needs and pain points, and then build solutions that speak directly to those findings. AI and machine learning can provide the ability to test for hundreds of potential scenarios at once to identify the best possible use-case, and seamlessly deploy business trusted data science solutions across your organisation.

  • Explore, combine and share diverse datasets into data ready for machine learning
  • Build and deploy automated machine learning models, serve scoring and predictions back to business user insights
  • Develop and deliver AI driven forecasts at scale via automated time series models
  • Provide business analysts with the data science notebook tooling required
  • Provide a Machine Learning Operations Centre of Excellence for production AI management


Your Journey


Since 2014, Catalyst BI has helped teams and organisations across the public and private sector in the UK make smart, data-driven decisions by translating data into meaningful and actionable insight. With over 450 satisfied customers, we can support you to accelerate your business transformation objectives.

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