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15min Discussion

Data Strategy Workshop

Understand how a Data Strategy can help your business.

Schedule a 15min meeting with Lee Connor to discuss the following:

  • Your business driver for change
  • Your primary concerns
  • Your expected benefits
  • Stakeholders who you would like to attend the workshop

This really helps us ensure you get the most from your Data Strategy Workshop, in a more tailored way.



Modern Data Strategy

Building a data strategy is essential for organisations to stay relevant, competitive, and innovative amidst constant change. Because data is vast, dynamic comes in many different formats, extracting value can be challenging and to harness data’s full potential requires an end to end modern strategy.

Data Maturity Assessment

The Data Maturity Assessment (DMA) is a 5 point assessment of analytics, data sources (lakes / warehouses), governance and quality, machine learning/ai assessment and security. Together,  contributing to a data strategy to highlight your current state, score your data maturity and highlight a clear roadmap for improvement. 

Start your Data Strategy