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Innovative Retail Data Analytics Services

Empower everyone in your organisation with insight and visibility into retail data and exceed the demands of customers whilst maintaining a competitive edge. 


Challenges Facing Data Management In The Retail Sector

Are you tired of being left behind in the ever-evolving retail industry? Don't let the challenges of COVID-19, Brexit, and the shift to online shopping hold you back any longer. It's time to transform your business and gain a competitive edge through the power of big data.

But where do you start? Look no further than Catalyst BI, the leading experts in retail data analytics services. Our state-of-the-art data management tools are tailored to meet your unique needs and can be deployed quickly to revolutionise your working practices. Don't settle for mediocrity – partner with Catalyst BI today and experience the difference in your business's success!

Why Do Retailers Need Data Analytics Services?

  • Target your desired customer base more effectively
  • Predictably manage supplier cashflow
  • Make life easy for your category managers with supply chain dashboards to monitor price and stock availability
  • Improve talent retention and reduce churn through HR Analytics Dashboards

The Benefits Of Data Analytics In Retail

In today's rapidly evolving retail industry, businesses face increasing pressure to make data-driven decisions. By harnessing the power of data analytics, retailers can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, inventory management, supply chain efficiency, and more. With this information at their fingertips, retailers can make more informed decisions that drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately, boost their bottom line.
Customer LoyaltyThrough effective data analytics in the retail industry, businesses can tailor their offerings and experiences to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. Identify the root cause of churn and provide solutions by leveraging actionable retail data insights. With the right tailoring, your customer's lifetime value could potentially increase by 20-30%.
Predictive Retail Data AnalyticsWith our intelligent forecasting solutions, you can predict future demand and anticipate changes in the market. Take the guesswork out of repricing and automatically update your prices across all sales channels, while leveraging advanced analytics for reliable sales forecasting.
Intelligent LogisticsMinimise supply chain inefficiencies and optimise your process and provide your customers with the products they need, when they need them. By leveraging real-time data, you can efficiently manage your inventory and introduce improved stock practices that save you costs.

Why Choose Catalyst BI For Retail Data Analytics Solutions

Looking to revolutionise the retail industry through the power of data analytics? Look no further than Catalyst BI!

With a wealth of experience working with over 60 health organisations, we've proven time and time again that our data analytics and solutions can make a real impact – both financially and operationally. Let us help you improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue with our cutting-edge data management tools. Jo

Are you ready to take your retail business to the next level? Our partnered ecosystem of data analytics tools is here to help. From advanced inventory management solutions to reliable sales forecasting, we've got everything you need to optimise your retail operations and drive growth. 

Let us help you make data-driven decisions and take the guesswork out of retail management. With our state-of-the-art data integration and management tools ready to be deployed, you can start seeing results in no time. So why wait? Join forces with Catalyst BI today and unleash the full potential of retail data analytics!

Our Retail Data Analytics Solutions In Action

At Catalyst BI, we're dedicated to bringing cutting-edge retail data analytics solutions to our clients. Through close collaboration with a wide range of retail clients, we've developed fast-paced, results-driven analytics solutions that have far exceeded expectations. Our in-depth knowledge of retail operations means we can tailor our services to your unique needs and ensure your success.

We guarantee end-to-end coverage that aligns with your business needs. But don't just take our word for it – check out some of our case studies below to see the success we've brought to our clients through our big data management services. 

Case Study

Mobile Business Intelligence app saves Samsung over 200 working hours per week

Tracking and reporting the ADM team’s performance using spreadsheets posed a real challenge. Alongside this, SEUK was running a Market Communication System. While it recorded all ADM activity (i.e. stores visited, actions and interactions), the information was split into disparate reports.

Impressed by the innovative approach to Qlik Sense, Paul turned to the team at Catalyst for the support which would enable them to meet their goal to “work smarter rather than harder”.

"Having real-time data is absolutely critical. The amount of information that is processed and then delivered on a daily basis could not be done through anything else other than our Qlik Sense RM mobile app.”

“Within just a few weeks, we’ve seen some of the highest usage rates – not just in the IM reports we do and look after – but across the rest of Samsung as well, which is really encouraging.”

Paul Asquith | Insights and Reporting Manager

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Watch our 30 minute on-demand webinar and hear how Samsung, have placed their retail mobile Qlik app into the hands of 100+ managers to visualise issues and improve store performance.

Case Study

Retail data analytics to enable suppliers to achieve 137% sales uplift week on week

Catalyst BI was approached by Travis Perkins to support the roll-out of the new i-supply solution, targeted at its retail arm, Wickes. The solution would enable suppliers to have greater visibility, engagement and transparency of sales, finances, stock movement and other aspects connected to the marketing of their products across Wickes stores. To effectively provide data that validates a supplier’s position.

Suppliers can now access daily updated sales, stock, finance and marketing data giving near real-time visibility, allowing them to plan and move supply and stock to the correct Wickes Stores. The ultimate aim is to onboard all 300 Wickes suppliers.

"During lockdown, SCA were able to maintain supply to the Wickes stores despite I.T challenges in week 14 that meant our normal weekly sales update from the category team was disrupted, this lasted around 4 weeks in total."

"During this time SCA were able to use sales and stock data from i-supply, married to our internal forecasts, in order to keep our production lines running and our distribution site at Stoke fully operational in order to maintain stock availability of Pareto A/B lines to the Wickes estate. Without i-supply this would have been very much harder.”

Ken Reidy |Strategic Account Manager, SCA Wood UK Ltd

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Embrace Big Data In Retail & Gain Actionable Data Insights

With the implementation of our retail data systems, your business can effectively combine all its big data, generate valuable insights and help transform your retail operation. Become faster, smarter and more customer-centric with Catalyst BI!

Consumer Analysis
Consumer Analysis

Analyse sales data from digital channels and other touchpoints to better understand consumer behaviour

Omni-Channel Analytics
Omni-Channel Analytics

Create a complete omni-channel view of sales, inventory, and returns across all shopping channels.

Market Basket Analysis
Market Basket Analysis

Isolate buying patterns to identify trends and capitalise on opportunities to increase basket size, improve margins and  customer satisfaction.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility
End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Tie together every aspect of your supply chain to locate and reroute merchandise at any point.

Returns and Reverse Logistics
Returns and Reverse Logistics

Remove costs from the returns process – and list returned products for sale faster – with agile analytics.

Supplier Performance
Supplier Performance

Streamline supplier relationships and empower suppliers with a governed view of sales, stock, and performance.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Analyse and act on sensor data to better understand traffic, dwell time, staffing, and sales conversions.

Store Performance
Store Performance

Drive store performance and benchmarking for the store manager, area manager, regional director, and corporate.

Margin Erosion
Margin Erosion

Manage markdowns and product waste by empowering employees with mobile analytics in the store

Geo Analysis
Geo Analysis

Determine the best location for a store or distribution centre based on customer demographics, drive times, existing store footprint, and weather.


What Clients Have To Say About Our Data Analytics Consulting For Retail

Sam Green
SAM GREENI-Supply Manager, Wickes

“This project flew, people can’t believe how quickly the project landed. This is because Catalyst are skilled at finding the best solution for their customers. A great example of the Catalyst way – agile enough to be able to reprioritise to ensure Wickes’ customers are happy. They help us to build BI that gives people the motivation factor”.


“Our core stakeholders now have the ability to self-serve their reporting needs and can answer hypothetical queries in live environments. Thus, enabling my team to truly drive a value-added service.”

Yusuf AlharrariSenior Customer Business Manager, AkzoNobel

“We’ve always been quite a heavy user of i-supply, but since the COVID-19 lockdown (and the increase of shopper demand), the daily sales analysis and split of online/c&c, and visibility of the distribution/weight of sales has become invaluable.

It has allowed us to firstly gain insight into this quite unique situation, but also to support and help our supply chain colleagues with potential forecast demand.

  • We can see adapting shopper habits
  • SKU’s experiencing increased demand

This has enabled us to support our supply chain through more accurate forecasting and by identifying a 50 SKU ‘priority list’ of products the factories could focus production on, whilst minimising lost sales.


Our Retail Experts On-Hand

Get In Touch Today To Start Your Retail Analytics Journey!

Schedule a meeting with our Retail Expert, Dan Packer and see how together you can develop the right data strategy, systems and data culture that empowers your whole business to achieve value, faster.


What is retail analytics?

Retail analytics refers to the process of using data to gain insights into customer behaviour, inventory management, supply chain efficiency, and more.

By analysing data from various sources such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, social media, and website traffic, retailers can make data-driven decisions that improve their operations and boost their bottom line.

With the help of retail analytics, businesses can optimise their pricing strategies, improve their marketing efforts, and enhance the overall customer experience.

What is an example of retail analytics?

One example of retail analytics is sales forecasting. By leveraging historical sales data and analysing trends, retailers can predict future demand and adjust their inventory accordingly.
This not only helps businesses avoid overstocking or understocking products but also allows them to make informed decisions on pricing and promotions.

Other examples of retail analytics include customer segmentation, inventory optimisation, and supply chain management. With the power of retail analytics, businesses can gain a competitive edge and thrive in today's fast-paced retail industry.