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Provide users with the ability to write directly back into your data; easily, securely and with full governance.

What does Writeback do for you?

Writing back into Qlik Sense applications transforms the way end-users engage with analytics. By enabling your users to stay in one app and process data changes, it simplifies workflows, increases user adoption and creates seamless analytic feedback loops. 

Now your organisation can take advantage of the enhanced productivity, collaboration, data quality and seamless user experience that Writeback provides.  

Usage Examples

Writeback scenarios

These are just some of the ways it can bring value:

  • Healthcare professionals capturing patient data at bedside
  • Enriching CRM data with speed-of-thought commentary
  • Instant production updates directly from the line 
  • Rapidly acquire development feedback on your dashboards
  • Make team meetings more productive by feeding data straight back into the app
Our Approach


We are proud to work with the best Qlik Writeback technologies on the market. Our experience combined with these fantastic toolkits means that implementation is straightforward, and governance and control is guaranteed.

By understanding your specific Writeback requirements it means that whatever it is you want to achieve we have the right tools and the know-how to create your perfect solution.



Our customers have waited a long time to take advantage of the benefits of writeback in Qlik. Here is our thoughts on why now is the perfect time to level-up your deployment. 

Take Advantage of Qlik Writeback

Let us empower your users with powerful analytics that integrates straight into their daily workflow.