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Data Management Consultancy & Solutions

With effective data management solutions your organisation can source, ingest, store & transform proprietary data for effective business intelligence with Catalyst-BI.

Bringing More Direction And Control With Our Data Management Services

With companies producing (and using) more data than ever, the investment into data management is something that can no longer be overlooked.

Employees need to be able to access intelligent data to make informed business decisions, this is where investment into data management services can improve everything from visibility and reliability to security and scalability.

Here at Catalyst-BI, our data management expertise has been used to help a range of organisations across three major sectors: 

  • Data Management In Retail
  • Data Management In Healthcare
  • Data Management In Financial Services
With effective data management processes in place, the retail sector can optimise their supply chains and streamline logistics and staffing levels as well as offer a personalised customer experience, with access to valuable, accurate, and reliable data.
From improving patient engagement using predictive modelling and targeting patients with reminders to tracking trends in health issues to help predict (and prepare for) new health trends, there is so much insight that healthcare data management can provide. It can also aid better decision-making for healthcare providers from who to recruit, to what medical equipment to invest in, as well as analysing physician activity to help meet their organisational targets.
Data management processes are essential in the financial sector, an industry that naturally deals with masses of data, a lot of it being sensitive customer data which needs to comply with government regulations. Adopting a modern data foundation designed for improved transparency and agility as well as real-time data accessibility and collaboration is key for financial organisations today.

Have A Question About Data Management Consultancy Service?

Our team of experts are on-hand to answer any questions you might have about data management and business intelligence.

Our Data Management Solutions

With years of technology and industry expertise, Catalyst-BI are the leading business management consultants that are here to help integrate and scale your business intelligence and automation efforts.

We’re proud to offer our customers cutting-edge data management services that will allow your organisation to harness data effectively. These are:

How Can Data Management Benefit your Business

Catalyst-BI provide an industry-leading data management service that is specifically tailored to take your business to the next level. Our goal is to aid all organisations going through a transformation with the necessary tools needed to improve their operational readiness and internal decision-making capabilities.

As data management consultants we have worked collaboratively with many businesses to implement effective strategies. Allow your business to become more agile, spot market trends and take advantage of new business opportunities more quickly when you harness data management solutions.
We will work collaboratively with you to:
Create Data Warehouses Create data warehouses and effectively automate data lakes   
Streamline Data Streamline data streams without impacting source systems  
Service Name Effectively track and monitor data life-cycles  
Profile Data Profile data and create governed catalogues for later analytics  
Real-Time Data Changes Recieve real-time data changes from any source system and effectively automate and ingest this data   

Catalyst-Bi is committed to taking a deep dive into your data and helping to accelerate your business performance to gain a competitive edge. It all starts with a health check.

Data Management FAQs

How does a data management consultancy improve a business' ROI?

There are several ways in which a data management consultant can increase an organization's return on investment:

  1. Improved data quality: Better data leads to better decisions, higher efficiency, and lower costs
  2. Better data utilization: Utilizing data efficiently can increase revenue and help identify new business opportunities.
  3. Data-driven strategy: By using data insights to make informed decisions, a business is able to improve return on investment.
  4. Reduced costs: Data storage and processing costs can be reduced through improved data management processes.
  5. Increased security and compliance: By adhering to data privacy regulations, a data management consultancy can help businesses avoid costly data breaches.
What are the most common services that fall under data management?
  • Data Governance: Establishing policies and procedures for data management.
  • Data Quality: Improving data accuracy, completeness, and consistency.
  • Data Integration: Combining data from multiple sources into a unified view.
  • Data Warehousing: Storing and managing large amounts of structured data.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Protecting data through backup and recovery processes.
In addition to data strategy, how does WCI help with data management? As part of our data management services offered at Catalyst Bi, our team of data management consultants provides data strategies (including enterprise data strategies), BI audits, and master data management (MDM).