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This is why we do what we do.
Kathryn Wyatt - Head of Services Youth JusticeTravis Perkins Plc
“Catalyst was a good fit for us, they have huge expertise in their area and understood how this could be best applied to achieve what we wanted and beyond. They quickly became familiar with the sources of data we work with and how these could best be displayed in dashboards. Having analytics at our fingertips has had a tremendous impact and taken us to the next level.”
Rob Walden - Head if Analytics for Travis Perkins
Rob Walden - Head of Analytics & Qlik LuminaryTravis Perkins PLC
"Dan has been an absolute star with the app development, his engagement, speed, train of thought etc has been exceptional throughout."
Steve Sapseid Director of BME Solutions
Steve Sapseid - DirectorBME Solutions Ltd

"Our customer had been experiencing an issue, which is key to their usage of Qlik, for almost a year. No one could solve it.  Qlik tried, BME tried, the customer tried, but eventually once we had full access to their system, Simon uncovered the problem on Monday this week.

In addition to the above, Simon has assisted us with many technical support issues over the years.  Many of the issues don’t even directly relate to Qlik, but are around system security and permission settings."

Sam Green
Sam Green - iSupply ManagerTravis Perkins Plc
“They get to know you and how you understand and obtain your data, how you consume the data and your frequency of use.”
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