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How Roythornes solicitors expands its use of Qlik to further enhance business discovery across the firm.

Roythornes -
The need to expand Qlik further to fulfil a wider-variety of requirements
Delivery of richer dashboards that use business discovery technology to analyse business information and communicate KPI's.
6 Weeks from initial discussion to application launch.


Top 200 law firm Roythornes is increasing its use of QlikView to fulfil a wider-variety of requirements including complex client reporting and automated delivery of financial and statistical analysis using QlikView dashboards for finance, business development and risk management.

Roythornes has been a customer of Qlik® Certified Partner Solution Provider Informance since 2012 and during this time the firm has used Qlik to improve its business agility by giving decision makers fast access to vital information in a format that they are comfortable with.


Roythornes wanted to expand Qlik's reach using automated report distribution so installed the Catalyst report distributor to deliver quick financial information, such as performance trends, to users with in-built exception reporting so that they are only presented with the information they need to know.Jonathan says: “The Catalyst report distributor has enabled us to push the right business information to the right people which has helped us introduce rules based ‘push’ features within Qlik which stimulates demand ‘pull’ from users of the system.”


Roythornes is extending QlikV to enhance data discovery around business development and client care which includes analysing data from areas such as sources of business, cross referrals and net-promoter scores. Business information delivered by Qlik provides the metrics used to inform the overarching performance review process to visualise and recognise the value of non-financial metrics. Jonathan says: “Before Qlik, analysis of sources of business, the value of cross-referrals and client feedback were ad-hoc processes. Now the information is instantly available and we are able to drill-down from the headlines into the most granular level of detail and even into the source application from Qlik with speed and ease.”
As a Lexcel accredited firm, Roythornes is developing a Qlik risk management dashboard to visualise and alert users about potential risk scenarios with information on client risk profiles, matters, work types and fee-earners. Jonathan says: “Based on configurable and weighted risk factors we can now automate the reporting of risk profiles and use the information to improve our overall risk management. He continues: “Qlik is also being developed to make the selection of files for review more targeted in order to help further improve risk management throughout the firm.” Roythornes is also planning to further extend the use of Qlik to customer relationship management and business development to visualise client growth, client retention, profitability and cross-selling opportunities.
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"Our Qlik application from Catalyst has surpassed my expectations and it has helped transform the way we produce and consume management information. With this great product and an established skill set we have an exciting roadmap ahead and we look forward to leveraging even more value from Qlik in the future."

Jonathan SwanRoythornes, Operations and IT Director