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Analytics And Data Governance Consultancy

With Data Governance from Catalyst BI you can achieve a state of continuous awareness that drives real-time, actionable insights based on the very latest data. 

Your Data Strategy

Securing Your Data Governance For Analytics Ready Data

Access to data and the ability to uncover new insights quickly is critical to your business strategy success. Yet on-demand availability to business-ready data is still too hard for so many organisations.

By leveraging data lineage, cataloging and testing you can secure your data and analytics governance framework  – enabling you to be in full control of the entire data journey.

  • Data architects and engineers can easily understand the quality and contours of the data and make adjustments, if needed
  • Data stewards now have the tools to easily manage who can get to what data
  • Data consumers are now empowered to interact with more data, thus increasing their overall data use.


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Our team of experts are on-hand to answer any questions you have around your data management and analytics needs.
Enhance End-to-End Analytics Data Pipelines With Interactive Data Lineage and Drive ‘Explainable BI’.

Why Consulting Will Help You Choose The Right Data Governance Tools

Unlock the true potential of your organisation's data with the right data governance tools! These tools offer a wide range of benefits, including expanding your analytics data pipeline capabilities, providing interactive data lineage, impact analysis, and governance, and enabling "explainable BI" - a higher level of visibility and trust in your data. With the right technology and processes in place, you can trigger immediate action from real-time, up-to-date, and trusted data, accelerating business value across the entire data and analytics supply chain. With data governance tools from Catalyst BI, you can rest assured that your organisation is equipped with the tools and insights needed to make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive growth and success.

Simplify Compliance Auditing

Quickly verify that data is stored and processed in line with key policies and regulations.

Validate Data

Verify each source to confirm it’s correctly transformed and placed in the specified location.

Increase Analytic Insights

Accelerate discovery and insights with self-service access to business-ready data.

Streamline Analytic Migration

Accelerate migration planning by quickly evaluating the location and lifecycle of data sources.

Evaluate Data Overlap

Clearly view duplicative data usage across Qlik Sense, Tableau, and Power BI in your business.

Enable Data Governance

Provide a unified catalog to deliver well-governed data to your business.

Manage Changes Over Time

Reconcile and optimise your use of old and new datasets.

Catalog and Share QVD Files

Easily manage and enable discovery across hundreds or even thousands of QVD data files.

Comprehensive Catalog

Onboard data and content from diverse sources into a single, easy-to-access collection.



Automatically reveal real-time insights into your data — all the way from data creation to data consumption — and make quicker, validated and smarter decisions. Use automated data lineage, cataloging, testing and more to help simplify:

  • Data & Analytics Governance
  • Data Discovery
  • Impact Analysis
  • Data Migration
  • Documentation
  • Data Compliance
End-to-End Implementation

6 Essential Steps of Data Governance

End-to-End Perspective
Successful data governance needs to be implemented from end-to-end, meaning that it encapsulates your entire data landscape from data warehouse to business intelligence solution.
Include the BI Solution
Even if you have the best of breed Data Governance for your Data Warehouse, it doesn't matter - you need to include your visualisation tools in your governance framework as well.
Leverage Automation
If you are relying on people to perform manual processes in order to achieve a properly governed data landscape, you will never have 100% coverage.
Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast.
We believe in a 'Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast" approach to Data Governance and the power of starting from the business perspective ensuring data quality and trust.
Test your Solution
We encourage BI users to test their entire solution so that they know that all of their data is correct and is aligned with their overall governance framework.
Choose the right Partner

Through partnering with Catalyst BI, we have the expertise to ensure your have the best-of-breed governed solutions to enhance your BI environment.

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How The University of St Andrews leverage data governance to validate, visualise and understand Qlik data.

Data Governance FAQs

What is Data Governance? Data Governance refers to the set of policies, procedures, and controls that an organisation puts in place to manage its data assets. Data Governance involves defining roles and responsibilities for data management, ensuring data quality, privacy, and security, and establishing standards and best practices for data use and sharing.
Why is Data Governance important? Data Governance is critical for organisations of all sizes and types because it ensures that data is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. Data Governance enables organisations to make better-informed decisions, reduce risk, and improve compliance with regulations and industry standards. Data Governance also helps organizations to optimize their data assets, streamline data-related processes, and improve collaboration and knowledge sharing.
What are the key components of Data Governance? The key components of Data Governance include data quality management, data privacy and security, data architecture, metadata management, data stewardship, and data policy and standards. Each of these components plays a critical role in ensuring that data is managed effectively and efficiently across the organisation.
How can Data Governance consultancy help with implementation? A Data Governance consultant can assist with implementing Data Governance in your organisation by helping you define your data strategy, establish policies and procedures, identify data stakeholders, and select the right tools and technologies. They can also provide training and support to help your team develop the necessary skills and knowledge. Overall, working with a Data Governance consultant can accelerate your implementation and help achieve optimal results. Catalyst BI's team of experts can provide the guidance and support needed for successful Data Governance implementation.
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