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Data Analytics Consulting

Integrate and scale your automation and Business Intelligence with our data analytics consulting services. 

Get on top of your data and use it to drive actionable insights that will scale your business and outperform your competitors with Catalyst-Bi’s data analytics consulting services.

Our pros will lay the foundations for a data-driven culture, helping your employees to embrace and implement data strategies and use their insights for smarter business decisions, streamlined operations, and to provide a clearer picture of your market position.

Our Data analytics consulting services include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Use Case Deep Dive Workshop(s)
  • Solution & Infrastructure Architecture
  • Data Modelling & Scripting
  • Data Pipeline Design & Implementation
  • Application Design & Development
  • Deployment & Configuration
  • Security & Governance
  • Technical Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
Data Analytics Consulting

Truly collaborative data analytics consulting services

Take advantage of our Paired Development workshops* for rapid knowledge transfer and adherence to data analytics best practices. At Catalyst-Bi, we are a true advocate of knowledge transfer, and so we will work alongside your team so that they can learn faster and more effectively.

We also offer independent education services and can provide assistance when your resources are stretched — to better align people's capabilities and enable your business to deliver higher-quality services and products.

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01 Outsourced

When you need to develop or migrate applications quickly or have limited capacity within your team our consultants are on hand to take the lead and deliver

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02 Paired

A truly collaborative approach, our Paired Development workshops allow your developers to work alongside expert Catalyst consultants. 

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03 Independent

Our education services are designed to ensure your team develop the skills and knowledge needed to work with your chosen technology. 

How our data and analytics consulting service works

In just 3 steps we can help you transform your business culture to implement and make better data and analytics decisions. At every step of the way, we will work with you to conceive the initial plan, and help you design and develop the best way forward.

We’ll extract, transform and load (ETL/ELT) your data from any source system and format it easily so that you can make decisions and make real-time actions through reporting, analytics and machine learning.
Accelerate your projects with our Consultancy and Development services. We’ll help you develop or mitigate applications quickly if you need us or have limited capacity within your team — and our consultants can be on hand to take the lead if necessary.
Stay safe in the knowledge that our data analytics consultants are always on hand to provide help and support when needed via our support desk. If there’s a problem or challenge, we can offer quick and efficient resolutions.
Vendor Eco-System


We specialise in the areas of data management, data analytics and data science. We understand that no business is the same and our advice will always depend on our customers’ needs and context rather than recommending specific vendors.

Our extensive experience and expertise include:

Rob Walden - Head if Analytics for Travis Perkins
Rob Walden - Head of Analytics & Qlik LuminaryTravis Perkins PLC
"Dan has been an absolute star with the app development, his engagement, speed, train of thought etc has been exceptional throughout."
Steve Sapseid Director of BME Solutions
Steve Sapseid - DirectorBME Solutions Ltd

"Our customer had been experiencing an issue, which is key to their usage of Qlik, for almost a year. No one could solve it.  Qlik tried, BME tried, the customer tried, but eventually once we had full access to their system, Simon uncovered the problem on Monday this week.

In addition to the above, Simon has assisted us with many technical support issues over the years.  Many of the issues don’t even directly relate to Qlik, but are around system security and permission settings."

Sam Green - iSupply Manager for Travis Perkins
Sam Green - iSupply ManagerTravis Perkins Plc
“They get to know you and how you understand and obtain your data, how you consume the data and your frequency of use.”
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