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Jason BrownJan 10, 2022 7:42:38 AM1 min read

Writeback in Qlik – Is now the time?

From the early days of QlikView arriving in the UK (all the way back in 2005!), often when someone truly understood all the doors it opened up, they wanted to know: “when I have made a discovery, can I make changes to the source data right in the app?”. The answer has always been: kind of. Over the years we have made some fantastic bespoke solutions for customers wanting to change data at source, from within their apps. However, the Qlik analytics engine is optimised to provide an holistic view of a single snapshot in time, which makes writing back into it very complex. Issues we have encountered include:

  • ensuring security along the chain,
  • maintaining source data quality with more users granted access,
  • making it consistent enough to share in real-time,
  • the issues of providing this functionality at scale,
  • managing bandwidth demands on data sources,
  • providing an attractive and easy-to-use interface

Flash-forward to now were these complexities have all been addressed. We are awash with quality solutions that enable you to writeback from Qlik in every way possible. Our experience combined with some fantastic tools means that with all the above complexities involved, the greatest limitation on using writeback in your Qlik Sense apps now is imagination. To give our customers this awesome new ability we have partnered with a range of excellent providers:

With this breadth of partnerships and solutions we can now offer writeback to all our customers -whatever your use case. Writeback into Qlik is a complicated process, now made easy by a combination of the tools created by our brilliant partners and our expertise of developing world-beating Qlik solutions. We are very fortunate that so many high-quality solutions are on the market to make this incredible, cutting-edge feature available for all.