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Dan JamesJan 10, 2022 7:42:09 AM3 min read

Qlik Sense – November 2020 Release

With the end of 2020 now in sight, Qlik have released their final update of the year in the form of Qlik Sense November 2020. It rounds off a brilliant year of feature additions within Qlik Sense with a clear focus on augmented analytics and improving visual analytics.

So what presents can we expect under the Qlik Sense Christmas tree? Let us take a look below.

Data Alerts Integrated into Qlik Sense SaaS

No install or configuration required. The power of Qlik Data Alerting is now fully integrated into the Qlik SaaS offering without any additional charge. Simply right click on any visual within a dashboard and select ‘Create Alert’. You can then set up the conditions that dictate when the alert should be triggered – such as passing a threshold. This will then email you (or up to 20 selected others), removing the need to keep track of the dashboard. The empowerment opportunities this creates are endless and is a big step in democratising data.

Although it comes fully integrated on the SaaS version of Qlik Sense, Qlik Alerting is available for our on-premise customers as an add-on. Contact us for more details.

Images on Tooltips

One that many developers and end users have been waiting for. You can now add images into custom tooltips. An addition that will definitely bring charts to life!

You can either reference a URL or select an image from the media library. This option now resides under the custom tooltip settings in most charts.

Do note: for those using Qlik Sense SaaS, you will need to whitelist the URL in the content security policy interface.

Copy Sheets and Measure

Another feature that will be treasured by all fellow developers alike. With the new release, you can seamlessly copy sheets between apps. Additionally, measures can also be copied. Simply right click on a measure or sheet thumbnail to copy.

Do note: you can only copy sheets between apps on the same domain. However, this will save lots of development time and improve workflow.

Show/Hide the Disclaimer

In the cases where Qlik is automatically filtering down the data in charts, you the developer now have the option to show or hide the disclaimer. This was automatically pre-set to “on” before this release. However, you now have the power, so use it wisely!

Show and Hide Disclaimer

*Disclaimer – It is not good practice to hide values without notifying the end user in most cases.

Business Logic

There have been lots of updates made to the business logic rules for use within the insight advisor. The main one being the ability to add vocabulary to help the insight advisor understand terms or pesky business acronyms. As you can see in the example below, I have set countries ‘UK’, ‘Germany’, ‘France’ and ‘Spain’ to be called ‘EA’,  short for Europe Area.

Business Logic

So when I ask the insight advisor ‘What are sales like in EA?’, it understands the countries I am referring to.

EA Countries

Expanded K Means Clustering Capability

The ability to calculate K-means natively within Qlik Sense came in September. However, Qlik have now added auto-clustering support. Simply set the number of clusters to 0 and Qlik will automatically find the optimal number of clusters based on the underlying dataset. No more fiddling around trying to find the right number of clusters. It is very exciting to see Qlik continually advancing their clustering and data segmentation capabilities.

New Default Theme

This may not seem the most exciting update. However, for the image conscious among you, there is a new default theme in town for the November release. Although subtle, it introduces a modern look and feel into apps with new fonts and colours. Below is the comparison for the KPI objects and chart colours. And – although image is subjective – in my opinion, it feels a lot cleaner.

Qlik Default Theme

Upgrading to Qlik Sense November 2020

So that is a quick round up of all the latest updates from Qlik. As ever, if you are a Catalyst BI hosted customer, we will be in touch and will take care of the update for you. Otherwise, please contact your account manager.

I hope you have a brilliant festive period and we look forward to sharing the latest and greatest updates early next year!