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A step-by-step approach for creating a strategy for your SAP data

Data is the digital currency driving organisations forward. The challenge? There’s too much of it, typically in a variety of data types and formats. It can be hard for businesses to make sense of it or to make real time decisions on it. What’s more, the rise of AI and machine learning is placing greater pressure on organisations to get their data in order. It’s particularly challenging when the bulk of your data resides in SAP.

Increase customer satisfaction by speeding up delivery times by 60%, leading to shorter sales cycles.


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When INEOS Automotive decided to disrupt the 4x4 market by building a brand new vehicle from the ground up, it relied on data analytics to achieve results fast.

  • A tiny team
  • A small budget
  • Very tight timeframes
  • The need to be able to scale over time
  • Being AI and IoT ready
  • And providing self-service analytics across the business

Learn from your peers. Get this ebook that explains step by step what the INEOS Automotive team did, the technologies it used to merge structure SAP data with terabytes of unstructured data, in just six months.