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Maximising the impact: DAC Beachcroft’s data strategy

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How world-class analytics has enabled DAC Beachcroft

Watch the webinar to see how, leaders in client service, DAC Beachcroft are leveraging their data to offer their clients new and enhanced services, enhancing their reputation and working smarter. 
Chris Lewis, Head of Data and Insight at DAC Beachcroft, shares his phenomenal success at turning data into business value with the support of technology (Qlik) and expertise (Catalyst BI).
Chris will be letting us in on how, with the power of world-class analytics, he has enabled DAC Beachcroft to:
  • Win competitive tenders through a differentiated and superior service offering  
  • Influence the organisation to believe in data and to comprehend the story it tells
  • Save time and money using data benchmarks to reduce case research
  • Enhance case consistency and accuracy with case models
  • Detect early trends in heads of loss through total visibility and insight