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Becky StablesJan 10, 2022 8:04:32 AM3 min read

Catalyst BI Helps Rutherford Health Advance Digital Transformation Efforts with Qlik Forts

Leeds – Nov 03, 2021 – Catalyst BI are proud to announce the world’s first implementation of Qlik Forts™. We have been delighted to work with the Business Improvement and Transformation team at Rutherford Health plc, to give them this cutting-edge solution to the barriers they faced when implementing near real-time analytics from multiple data sources.

Qlik Forts is a hybrid cloud service that runs in a virtual environment on-premises or on any cloud service. Crucially, it can run behind an organisation’s firewall, so every file, connection and app being analysed never leaves the environment and stays local. This means that all issues or limitations with data policy, security and governance normally associated with certainly cloud analytics efforts are in the past. Now all our customers can benefit from flexibility, low-latency, and fully connected data for cloud analytics whilst also being cost effective and secure.

We foresee Qlik Forts being the solution to connecting the cost effectiveness and performance benefits of SaaS with the need to meeting every possible governance and policy challenge. Our customers in the Public Sector with especially tight governance frameworks, or those in organisations where data policy has ruled out cloud providers from certain jurisdictions, can now seriously consider the strategic benefits of a hybrid cloud approach.

Congratulations to Rutherford Health in leading the way with Qlik Forts. Taking advantage of the new hybrid cloud service at the earliest possible opportunity means they are well on track to realise their vision of near real-time analytics across the organisation to better support patients.

To discuss the benefits that Qlik Forts could bring to your organisation please contact us or talk to your Catalyst BI account manager.

Thoughts about the world first Qlik Forts deployment by Catalyst BI:

John Lopez, Business Improvement and Transformation Manager, Rutherford Health plc

“Business Intelligence with Qlik is an essential part of Rutherford Health’s strategy to create a high value healthcare business, bolstering our efforts with insightful analytics that help drive our decision-making and operational performance to better support our patients,” said John Lopez, Business Improvement and Transformation Manager, Rutherford Health plc. “Qlik Forts will enable a hybrid approach towards our architecture, a core requirement that will provide the security of an on-premises solution with the capability and flexibility of a SaaS product. This is crucial to Rutherford, as we deploy core applications across Finance, Governance and Centre Care to provide near real-time analytics from multiple sources directly to users, while also enabling oversight of Key Performance Indicators across multiple aspects of our business.”

James Fisher, Chief Product Officer, Qlik

“Organizations aren’t experiencing the full potential of cloud analytics since much of their data remains siloed due to regulatory and sovereignty restrictions, data egress and compute costs, and laborious orchestration that results in limited user experience. All these barriers keep organizations from creating more value from all their data and realizing the benefits of Active Intelligence,” said James Fisher, Chief Product Officer at Qlik. “With Qlik Forts, we are knocking down every one of these barriers. Unlike other analytics vendors, Qlik never requires customers to move their data to our cloud. With Qlik Forts, we reinforce that flexibility and choice with the ability to deploy Qlik’s cloud analytics right next to their local data as needed, fully aligning with their existing investments, governance requirements and multi-cloud strategies.

Lee Connor, Technical Director, Catalyst BI

“Qlik Forts represents the new breed of product, bringing a trusted on-premise installation and a SaaS platform into a true unified deployment. Bringing the best of the two technology stacks is a game changer for software deployment, maintenance, end user experience with true data sovereignty.”