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Dan JamesJan 10, 2022 8:04:37 AM2 min read

The latest Qlik Sense November 2021 Release

The latest named version of Qlik Sense has just been released this week for client managed environments. Qlik is bringing the visualisation enhancements seen in SaaS over the past number of months into the client managed product. We can see a big update to tooltips and several other great visual additions.

Master Visualisation in Tooltip

The ability to add a master visualisation chart into a tooltip is a long-awaited feature that can make a dashboard much more interactive. This is likely the final update after lots of recent development in the tooltips including adding images and custom measures. The chart within the tooltip will inherit the state with the dimension value selected. Any visualisation except from containers can be added. It’s time to really start integrating custom tooltips to make dashboards stand out.

Master Visualisation

Always On Labels on Line Charts

Qlik have previously had the option to either hide value labels or for Qlik to automatically choose how many labels it should show depending on the data and chart size. However, this has been frustrating in those cases when you always want value labels to show no matter the resolution. To solve this, Qlik have added 3 options; None, Auto and All. The latter will force the chart to always show all value labels.

Line Chart

Update to Images in Tables

It became possible in the previous version of Qlik to add images into tables. However, it is now possible to alter image sizes and position. In addition, support for images from a URL is now supported which opens the possibility for embedding dynamic graphics using inline SVG. This is a great addition to enable Qlik Sense tables to become much more useful and dynamic.

Image Table

Layered Labels

Labels on the X Axis has always been an issue for developers working with limited space. As such, Qlik has added a new axis label orientation option: Layered. This is extremely useful for those cases where you have limited horizontal space but require all labels to be shown on the axis.

Other Minor Updates

  • You can now set a default tab within a container. Before this update, the first visual was always the default tab. This can now be overridden.
  • A shortcut to master items from the properties tab, making it faster and less click for an app developer.

Upgrading to Qlik Sense November 2021

This named release has some great visual updates, especially for tooltips. As ever, if you are a Catalyst BI hosted customer, we will be in touch and will take care of the update for you over to November 2021. Otherwise, please contact your account manager. If you are a Qlik Sense SaaS customer, then all the updates above are currently available to you.