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Becky StablesOct 5, 2023 8:23:35 AM2 min read

Athena Command Centre wins special recognition at DataIQ Awards 2023

Catalyst BI and NHS Tayside are delighted to announce that the revolutionary The Athena Command Centre has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the DataIQ Awards 2023.

The achievement comes following the implementation of The Athena Command Centre by Catalyst BI, which has enabled NHS Tayside to deliver a vastly improved experience for patients, staff and the overall patient journey.

The accolade was awarded owing to the Command Centre’s ability to save excessive time, effort and resources currently used to find out the flow position across hospitals in and out of hours. The web-based Command Centre uses advanced analytic predictions for the full day and week ahead to enable the planning of patient pathways, staffing and service capacity and predicted potential pressure points in the system. Predictive modelling is used to identify the risk of patients requiring admission and patients at risk of becoming delayed, with users able to view screens off-site via NHS Tayside secure access.

Not only has the Command Centre provided a reduction in emergency department waiting times, bed boarding and delayed discharges, it has provided an increase in morning discharges for the Trust. The proactive agile system, with a live view of their current bed state, has reduced administration time, providing a greatly enhanced understanding of patient movement across specific areas of the hospital.




The judges commended the partnership between Catalyst BI and NHS Tayside’s Health and Business Intelligence Team, as it ‘successfully created a common language to enable informed decision-making’. Jenni Woods, Health & Business Intelligence Lead, NHS Tayside (HBI Team) said:

“This accolade is a tribute to our combined efforts and an incredible journey with Catalyst BI who have supported the transformation of NHS Tayside in to a data-driven organisation that uses evidence-based data to understand and support patient flow.

“The Command Centre has created a ground-breaking opportunity to view a complex whole system patient flow pathway from arrival to departure. We now have the ability to view everything in one place, one source of information on current hospital status with visible alerts to any potential or current flow issues.”

Looking to the future, Catalyst BI and NHS Tayside are working to enhance the Command Centre even further with the creation of a Planned Care dashboard which allows planning and predictions for service delivery, as well as making the system secure to access via mobile phone. Mike Cawthorn, Sales & Marketing Director at Catalyst BI said:

“We are delighted that the Command Centre has been recognised at the DataIQ Awards. It is a fabulous example of NHS experience and knowledge working in harmony with third party technology partners and solutions to deliver real value that has had a direct effect on improving patient care.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with the team at the Trust to deliver ground-breaking results and we are excited to see where our collaboration takes us next.”