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Jason BrownJan 10, 2022 7:16:20 AM< 1 min read

London Borough of Hillingdon Customer Spotlight

Catalyst puts analytics at Hillingdon’s fingertips

Hillingdon Council is one of 32 local authorities in London and has a range of services. Read the full Customer Spotlight and find out how Hillingdon now sees a fresh picture of activity across the Borough daily, identifying young people and other areas considered to be at risk and how they target intervention accordingly.

‘Catalyst was a good fit for us, they have huge expertise in their area and understood how this could be best applied to achieve what we wanted and beyond. They quickly became familiar with the sources of data we work with and how these could best be displayed in dashboards. Having analytics at our fingertips has had a tremendous impact and taken us to the next level.

We are using data to drive resources where they need to be and engaging with the young people who need it. ‘

Kathryn Wyatt, Operational Manager of Hillingdon Council’s Youth Offending Service