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Qlik AutoML News Graphic
Becky StablesJun 28, 2023 12:06:50 AM1 min read

Qlik Auto ML to be demo'd at QlikWorld Tour & Data Strategy Showcase

Catalyst BI is excited to announce that a live demonstration of Qlik Sense's Auto Machine Learning will be unveiled at the QlikWorld Tour & Data Strategy Showcase this Thursday 29 June 2023 at Everyman Cinema, Leeds from 9.00am – 5.00pm.

With extensive experience in leveraging data to drive business growth, Catalyst BI have successfully implemented advanced analytics solutions across various industries. 


Pre Sales Consultant, Luke Craven, will unveil Qlik AutoML's unparalleled ability to effortlessly generate a customer churn model, empowering businesses to identify customers at risk of churning and take proactive measures to retain them. Luke said:

"Attendees can look forward to discovering the extraordinary power of Qlik Sense's Auto Machine Learning in action, witnessing how it effortlessly unveils hidden patterns within data. The demo will showcase how the system can empower users to predict customer churn with unparalleled accuracy. It’s an absolute must-see for anyone looking to unlock the potential of their data and take immediate action to retain valuable customers."

With a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to customer churn, Luke will demonstrate how Qlik Sense's powerful algorithms provide actionable insights, enabling immediate intervention to reduce churn rates.

If you want to witness first hand, the transformative potential of Qlik Sense's Auto Machine Learning, there is still time. Register here to see the cutting-edge features and functionalities that make Qlik Sense an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to enhance customer retention and drive sustainable growth.