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Jason BrownJan 10, 2022 7:16:13 AM1 min read

2021 #TeamBridgewater Thank You Awards

It was a pleasure to attend and present an award at the 2021 #TeamBridgewater Thank You Awards. Congratulations to Ruth Besford and Joanne Turner, joints winners of the Staff Engagement Award!

More than ever in the last few years, we have relied on heroic contributions from teams and individuals in the NHS. It was touching to see NHS Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, together as a team for the first time in a long time, take a step back and give recognition to those contributions.

So many positive stories to come from this one event at this one Trust; celebrating 50 years of service, full scale HR mobilising of staff whose services were not running during Covid to supporting in other services, the organisation of delivery of community-wide vaccination programmes, taking part in national-level research into the unequal impacts of Covid within different groups and many other fantastic stories. It brought home that across the country, this is what it has taken to provide the fantastic care that the NHS has delivered throughout this crisis.

We at Catalyst BI are always proud to be serving the NHS, to work in partnership with leaders in driving new data-led initiatives, to help clinicians make better and smarter decisions faster and to support improvements in patient service at every level. These past few years has magnified this feeling and it is unquestionably a privilege and an honour to be doing our bit to help the NHS.

Congratulations again to all the winners, the nominations and indeed all at NHS Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, for the service you provide to your community.