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How relevant insights are enabling Hillingdon and its police force to safeguard young people across the Borough.


Hillingdon Youth Offending Service -

PROJECT A solution to enable triangulation and early identification of young people at risk.
WHAT WE DID Introduction of Qlik technology to understand the data set required, metrics and desired outcomes.

The project took just two weeks from initial engagement to dashboard delivery.


Information sharing has always been central to the work of Hillingdon Youth Offending Service and partner agencies, with the aim of reducing young people at risk of exploitation. However, Hillingdon Youth Offending Service recognised an opportunity to centrally collate and analyse information from across agencies. The benefits of this would enable triangulation and early identification of young people at risk, to deliver targeted intervention and diversion.
Pulling the data together was initially a manual process, achieved using several columns to represent different sources in an Excel spreadsheet. It quickly became apparent that this method was not workable and would not showcase the multitude of different data sources visually, to easily reveal insights.


Hillingdon was introduced to Catalyst BI (Catalyst) through the Office for Data Analytics, which is managed by Avon and Somerset Police. Hillingdon was keen to discover more about the analytical capabilities provided by Qlik and the benefits of working with a Qlik Elite Partner such as Catalyst.

Catalyst quickly showed Hillingdon how Qlik technology could help and worked with them to scope out the project, to include gaining an understanding of the data set required, metrics and desired outcomes.


  • Fresh picture of activity across the Borough daily
  • Identification of young people and other areas considered to be at risk and they can target interventions accordingly
  • Qlik Sense has widened their capabilities, enabling them to work closely with community safety teams and neighbourhood police teams in areas they believe to be of concern.
  • Though early intervention and by taking proactive steps they have improved outcomes.
  • Health data helps Hillingdon to achieve additional insights which are then shared directly back to health partners
    and even how many delivery drivers
  • Analytics  now show which schools require targeted resources for sexual health or knife crime
  • Hillingdon now pinpoint where support is required and send youth worker teams to identified hotspots


TIME Saving of 4 hours per day, as 50% of their time was previously spent on trying to join-up data and highlight trends.  
Geo Tracking Local authority partners now respond and visit schools, regarding exploitation, where the data is showing these problems are likely to occur.  
VISBILITY Improved visibility helping to identify young people and other areas considered to be at risk so they can target interventions accordingly.  
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