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Wickes Suppliers can now access daily updated sales, stock, finance and marketing data giving near real time visibility. 

CLIENT Wickes -
PROJECT Improved Supplier Portal for visibility, engagement and transparency of sales, finances, stock movement.
WHAT WE DID Re-design and re-engineer the existing solution using our in-house product - Coeus BI.
TIMELINE Go-Live status achieved within a two-month period


Travis Perkins plc (Travis Perkins) had legacy supplier systems, where suppliers could view stock levels and understand the volume of products being sold across stores. Suppliers were provided with raw data and the ability to exact some performance measurements around availability, on-time and in full. This was a paid for service, which generated a profit-making revenue and facilitated reasonable supplier engagement.
In 2016, the system was ready for improvement, particularly on the merchant side. After consideration, Qlik technology was chosen because of its analytics and dashboarding capabilities. More specifically, the Qlik Analytics Platform was chosen because it allows you to provision dashboard views and a variety of different objects onto a webpage for external consumption


In 2019, structural changes at Travis Perkins provided Catalyst with the opportunity to totally re-design and re-engineer the existing solution using their product - Coeus BI. Taking the concept and premise of the i-supply solution, Catalyst BI achieved go-live status within a two-month period. The new system was also much faster and easier to navigate than the previous solution.


  • Invoice matching – dashboard explains why invoices might be on hold and provides a full history
  • Assists with Cost Centre Code alignment
  • Reconciles Consignment stock data
  • Allows suppliers to monitor their monthly performance
  • Helps them to understand how much Wickes has bought, how much has been sold and how much is left
  • Helps their operations become much slicker and far more dynamic

  • Aids suppliers with building inventory, as it helps planning around how much they need to make, how many pallets are required
    and even how many delivery drivers
  • Fencing suppliers use i-supply to work
    out the demand at store level of their top four products. They can be discerning in where they send panels to, avoiding those who already have stock or who, historically, for whatever reason have not experienced a high level of sales.


SALES UPLIFT 137% sales uplift week on week
(Market leader saw 50%)
Geo Tracking Performance by Region can be
tracked and measured.
VISBILITY Improved visibility now prevents problems such as low stock  
Fork lift with operator working in warehouse


Download the full case study and see how Wickes Suppliers can now access daily updated sales, stock, finance and marketing data giving near real time visibility, allowing them to plan and move supply and stock to the correct Wickes Stores